My Lil' HealthBot

A Facebook Messenger bot that assists university students with buying health and personal care products from My Lil’ HealthBot intelligent Robot Retailers on campus.


My Lil’ HealthBot (MLHB) was looking to provide personalized mobile experience to make it easy for students to find and purchase products from vending machines. Realizing almost 100% of the students use FB Messenger on daily basis. A Messenger bot is an ideal solution. It’s not only close to where the customers are, but also can provide 24/7 customer service and reduce costs.



To provide a personalized mobile experience to students, we first built a Facebook Messenger bot. Without the needing to install a new app, students can use the Messenger app on their mobile phone to interact with the bot to find and then purchase products. Students can choose to pick up the purchased product at their nearest My Lil’ HealthBot based on their current location or they can choose to have the product shipped directly to their dorm room.

In order to manage vending machines, product details and stock level, we built a backend admin system that allows MLHB staff to manage product catalogue and synchronize stock level with smart vending machines via custom API.


Demo: Try in Messenger